Season tickets

Here is a copy of the email sent to all SSA members.

"At this difficult time we feel it important to clarify our position.

The SSA is a group of season ticket holders like yourselves who give up their spare time to try and improve the supporters’ experience and we do it as unpaid volunteers.

None of us receive any incentive either financial or otherwise for doing so, and will continue to ensure that is the case. Many of us have been greatly affected by recent changes and feel as strongly as every other supporter.

However, certain matters remain beyond our control. Pricing being one. We forwarded the members’ concerns as we said we would and still await a reply.

Our inclusion in the email was not an endorsement of its contents but simply an attempt by the club to reach a wider audience and tell them of the work we do.

We will continue to strive to offer our members value and entertainment for their subscription and hope that somehow we can all go into the new season together.

Best wishes"