SSA membership renewal

Historically, the vast majority of members have paid their subscription by cash. However, with active members now in excess of 900, collecting and banking huge wads of £5s and £10s is a growing problem.


If you have yet to sign up to our direct debit scheme, now is the time to do so.


You will no longer have to remember when and how much to pay, continuous membership means you'll never miss out on our pre and early season members-only competitions and family members can all be paid for on a single mandate.

To sign up, download our direct debit mandate, complete and sign it then scan and email it to Remember to advise us who the mandate covers if it's more than one person.

You can, of course, still use PayPal or indeed renew by cash but it would be a great help to your committee (don't forget we're all volunteers) if you would switch to direct debit.