SSA quiz night - a roaring success

What a great evening last night at the Quiz. Our numbers went through the roof with 22 teams and around 110 attendees. Thank you all - we will need a bigger venue next year.

Congratulations to The Scrum who won the event and having led from round one - though a few more mathematical questions may have stumped them (there's 6 in a team not 8)!

The prizes seemed to go down well, especially the signed Henry Fraser calendars for the Matt Hampton foundation.

The highlight of the evening was probably birthday girl Tammy auditioning for a wing spot when running away thinking the players were going to give her the bumps.

It was good to see players who had been on the International coaching event join us for a while after and to see Wiggy, Spenno, Nick T etc.

Thanks again to the Quiz team, the catering team and also to John Trigg who worked hard to make this event a success.

We heard people already planning for next year's Quiz which is a good indicator of how well the night went. We are planning our next event so what this space.