Exeter Chiefs tickets - Saturday, 3 March - last chance!

Our Exeter allocation closes tomorrow Thursday, 28 December. We don’t need paying until 31 January but this is your last chance to book in with our group.

Here’s the ticket details again:

SW Comms central block

  • Adults £42

  • Students (full-time able to produce student I.D. at turnstile) £23.50

  • 16 years and under (age I.D. strongly advised) £19

Reserve by email at tickets.ssa@outlook.com.

Payment Instructions

Should you wish to pay, then please credit our PayPal account using the address tickets.ssa@outlook.com.

Important points to note

Please use the friends and family option when using PayPal.

It is crucial when making payments that you include in the narrative the match, the number of tickets and the categories they fall into e.g. Ospreys 2 x Adult 1 x U16 1 x Senior.